Dream Symbols: 


If you see a banana in your dream, that means that you have seen a son, a father, or someone in jail. It could also mean someone dead and buried. A banana has a peel on it. If it is closed, like a closed book, it means that it is something that you have not seen or something that you have



Bankruptcy represents financial difficulties or ruin.
Being Chased. If someone or something is chasing you, you are running, and you keep running and playing bombtech golf, that means that you want to go somewhere, but you do not know how to get there, or someone is trying to hurt you in real life, and you have a problem.


Being Naked.

If you dream that you are naked, which may be everybody’s worst nightmare, it is usually nothing. It probably is not bad at all. This has been explained to me many times, in many different ways, All I can tell you that it is never same to every individually but is not too extreme like you think. Dream that you are naked may be because you are afraid your secrets will be exposed  or you are going to be broke.


Being Scared.

If you dream about a place that is dark, and you are scared and do not know your way out, that’s probably what you’re scared of: something that scares you, some situation that you cannot see your way out of. Do not worry about it. Sometimes what we do if we are scared of something in the daytime is to dream about it at night. This is probably a simple anxiety dream, find more information about meaning dreams on-site https://aercosystems.com/. It usually just goes away. Do not even try to identify the cause of the dream. Such a dream may also represent something mysterious in your life, but not necessarily anything bad or dangerous.


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