Dream Symbols: 

Gold.  Represents happiness, wealth, and abundance.  It may also represent something or someone that is or who is true and pure, something that cannot be corrupted, or someone whose reputation cannot be tarnished. Gold also can represent bad news that also it has so many meanings. but good more than bad.


Graveyard: If you see a cemetery or graveyard that means to remember where we go at the end of life.  It will mean peace.  Therefore, this means that you are supposed to be wise and not to overreact to transitory things.  You are supposed to learn, and you are supposed to prepare for the end of life.


Giving Birth.  A dream about giving birth when you are not expecting represents a release or freedom from the inside out.  If you give birth in a stairway, it means that you are going to reach your goal, whatever it is that you want or that you are looking for.  I hope that you get there.


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