Dream Symbols: 

Finding Car Keys:  If you dream that you found your car keys or you found a group of keys, this is very good.  Keys usually open and close doors and represent the power to take advantage of possibilities and opportunities.  Keys open up things for you to find your way and to find what you are looking for.  So finding a group of keys in your dream is good.


 Funeral:  If you dream that you are attending a funeral or that somebody has died, this is usually the opposite of what is literally true; it usually means that somebody is going to get well or that something good is going to happen or that you are going to meet somebody.  In dreams, things are often the opposite of what you might think: music means sadness.  Sadness means happiness.


 Falling:  represents disappointment or embarrassment.


Fish: Cooked fish, especially barbecued fish, is not good news, but raw fish is very good.  Raw fish represents a lot of money coming from somewhere.

Food:  Any food, in general, is very good news in your dream.

Fruits and Vegetables:  Fresh garden vegetables and fruits of the season all represent good health, happiness, and money.  A beautiful vegetable farm or garden or an orchard in your dream represents generosity, providing a job, food, and money for yourself and for others.


Fruit in Season.  Fruit that is in season always represents good news and good fortune

Fan:  If you see a fan in your dream it means a good man whom everybody trusts, a peaceful man who always makes peace with others, so people trust him.

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