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I WILL NOT BE THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE BECAUSE, PEOPLE BEGAN TO BELIEVING ME, I WAS ALWAYS OCCURRED ALTHOUGH I DID THIS FOR FUN I NOT FOR MONEY IN 1976TH THEREFORE, I KNOW THAT WAS A RESULT of reading coffee leaves in small cop. I did FALLEN FOR THE DEVIL HUNTS ME THAT EXPAERNSE was POSSIBLE t0 SCARE ME TO DEATH HOWEVER, LET ME JUST HANG with my though it was stretching discussion order my assessment I know in the 20th century we are civilization What the difference between our and the old civilization, we have most technology so far I cannot believe what we have today and yet we go back to what our insisters’ had. Self-controller is safe message from all the authority and everyone who care. to have a lot more? Then and only then I didn’t need anybody tell me you’re in trouble I was in trouble. He observers his unique gift to anyone who wonder about Evil’s what a joy. He will hand his fake information. I fought the devil because he can’t hold anyone against his or her Will. Your future in God is hand he gave your life to create, explore, to teach to learn, to love to gives, to do the very best for you and other.

As the magic revealing
“GOD reminds you’ll he can take it back anytime anywhere therefore, he has the ultimate test for each one of us and that goes to every human beings and other existing he created. And most people has witness that someone has passed away in our life, neither psychics or nobody is going to say what happening to other is not going to happen to us. This feature called your life. Don’t be surrounding by evil attitude Hell Hunt you to be one of his serving. What do you need to establish in your life or deserve and less you understand how God’s work. You will never be satisfied. The chances are to begin to Challenges the devil before His army so called psychics and in the con artist of any tap will hijack us to catch our darker chapter in our life to trial the devil himself to receive guiding from you psychics or any other con artist was entered sent to operate his charms to People who in search for different or better life money, marriage, love all that is understandable but why not “GOD” ask Him? He creator the planet earth including human beings and all the other existing no one has supernatural power.
Oh, for those of you who standing behind or believing psychics confusing in are understandable. There are unlimited needs for human beings to survive people suffering from anxiety though they’ve discovery the magic bullet no surprise that motivations to brain wash those desperate people. They may have several exciting times. Will don’t let the psychic know that. Your journey began with experience in other word walk away do not look back is of they have any magic. Most bizarre incident or coincidence claim by psychics there are some don’t feel pressure by-Thinking you enjoy the pleasure you get kicked out of con artist sell. Think about example before you Contac your local psychics consider or ask yourself how psychics can see into your mind. Do not allow any of those con artists to get to you don’t insult your knowledge keep a distance between you and psychics they all determined to play the oldest trick or treat for generation. What I mean that psychics will be taking over your life, which it goes to all the people who deeply misunderstood what, psychics are? It appears to know so much about you actually they don’t. 😉 They focused on your needs and desperation’s they will manifests something about everyone who would believe them its act of Evil. The truth is they inhabited your secret from your mind only, not from the future, not from the past. Nothing like every con artist who claims to be psychics, in other word you are cheerleader to coffee, tea, Palm of your hand, reading is a clever con artist it’s done for thousands of years, I can see how many thousands. Even more shocking way Witchcraft to disabled marriages or trouble these entire bit fake?
I was not there I don’t know what is going on with the psychic is mine, If you ask them how come you can’t see your future you won’t have any luck everyone off them his Same Answer all psychics said we can’t read our future. Oh my goodness, how can you read my mine? Please just stay away from all those con artist.
All they do is ripping you off and to keep you way from Fact of life. What we go through the good the bad the ugly is fact of life. No psychic is going make you rich or going take your problem away.
The only one who is gating rich the psychics? That if you continue to encourages them because, you giving them the ultimate power.
the Invisible spirit inside you is buried inside you is not in hand of the evil, you trust eventually the truth will reveal about the misconception antifraud for Same people It will be too late, and for other would continue to live excited that is the devil’s victory.
You will also find every story from experience all over the world will join the devil psychics just a few purpose worldwide. Surely even began to appear the power of make-believe list all over the world will be receiving psychics who possessed by evil focused on you and your needs so, congratulation your mind listening to the word of power creates beneath desperate people who Easy target to force premature future he will open your eyes to satisfies the devil’s own uncontrolled craving is secrete behind the illusion, are you sure you want to do that? Still difficult to answer is hiding in shade hoping to discovery the unknown.
If I made any mistakes in my writing or need correction please forgive me sincerely yours Rida Elawa

Always try to remember Adam and Ava

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July 4, 2014

Hello! Welcome to The History and Mystery of The Unknown!

I am Rida Elawa. I want to share with you, my journey. Come with me, as I describe my accounts and my experiences with Good and Evil…Spirits and Psychics. I’m an author, not a psychic but I can help you to better understand the hardships of your life without painting a false picture of the future, in my book “History of The Unknown.” Remember this: The dead don’t speak! I can also analyze your dreams!!

God nevr sold his land to anybody, So Way is every body claimed they own it.
God has never sold his land to anybody!And yet “everybody” claims they own it?
Remember, God still owns every space on the planet earth, therefore, you can’t take it with you!


Here are good strategies to help keep our earth together.

Now, is the perfect time to connect with the world.
Consider, the entire planet is YOUR home.
Every human being is YOUR Family.
Your birth parents are “Adam and Eve.”

Most places are beautiful to live. Then, there are other places that are unsuitable for living. Imagine, someone you love, who has no access to good nutrition, clean water, medicine, education and safe housing.
Hardly a day goes by without something bad happening to them.
What if the situation were reversed?

Did you know all it typically takes is a simple smile and a pleasant greeting to a stranger to make them feel happy? That’s an indication that you are taking the time to recognize them as a fellow human being!

If you have ghost stories or any true story you would like to share with, please contact us at the following email address:


It would be rather mind boggling and beyond our realm of logical thought to truly believe the plausibility of our human comprehension, that what we write in words, regardless of language, could somehow, be taken from us. More than anything, words have transported us into the past, into the future and always writing itself in the present. Though we are a world admittedly subservient to the inevitable onslaught of machines, we would be frozen without the use of the written word to convey thoughts and intentions. We write to document, to keep record of people, places and things.Thus, the significance of the finality of what the legions of generations of prolific writers and authors have recorded throughout time must be applauded and celebrated for their capacity to influence our inner curiosities. Rida Elawa is one of these writers! In this age of public drunkenness with social media and overconsumption with what’s trending, Ms. Elawa serves up hard gristle and bone. She examines the sober realities of life and death, and crime and punishment and those cloaked thoughts we might all have from time to time about existence beyond physical dying. Ms. Elawa delves, unabashedly, into the origins of good, evil, God, The Devil, Spirits and the Spiritual and the running debate over the validity of Psychics, in her book, “History of the Unknown.”

In her other work, the compelling “America’s Most Wanted”, Ms. Elawa pays homage to the doggedly determined detectives dedicated to solving the world’s major case serial killer crimes. Writing is among some of Ms. Elawa’s strongest passions. English is her second language and the fact that she wrote, not one, but three books, is a testament to her achievements. Her writing is so detailed, that at times, you’ll notice she gets a little caught up in repetition. Ms. Elawa explains this flaw by saying she wants readers to understand the critical points she’s making. Her work is what it’s meant to be: raw, real and potent enough to shake the collective consciousness. She concerns us and taps into our questions about the frailties of life and the finalities of death, along with those lingering queries’ of what lies …beneath!


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I learned from my mistakes

I learned from my mistakes
From time to time I help those who need help but I do not let myself to be used in the wrong way because, people can take advantage of you, I am not saying everybody is abusive or nasty.
I was very upset and disappointed that every time I help some people financially or physically I end up called every name in book. Almost everybody if I make a mistake or say something they did not liked or if I asked for my money which is we have business agreements I know immediately that is going to end up in court and the war well began. Never less I stall helping some people actually for years and I’m not sure how is going to end. It would be very serious case. Although some people return the favor called

is always fix my English for anti your friend Rida Elawa

Black History

Black History it’s a day one of the biggest day in human history it should be celebrated by human race because the human life is matter about black or white, yellow or red, short, tall, fat, skinny, intelligent, stupid millions thanks to the creator of the earth in his eyes we all equal because we all are the children Adam and eve God is the greatest on the planet and no bodies can muster this planet earth except to “GOOD”….. Rida Elawa